Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Upcoming Auctions - Hillsborough County, FL (Offline) Tax Deed Auction

Hillsborough County, FL is having two tax deed sales on 4/30/07 and 5/7/07. You can take a look at their tax deed list here. Please note tax deeds are totally different from tax liens, you own the property rather than gain interest on the tax lien. Some people have asked what 'offline' means in the article heading, that means the auction is at a real place rather than online.

You could say this is one way to get "cheap" Florida land. Here's some info on some of the properties [parcel number is the middle field]:

2007-85 154562.0000 AVAILABLE
2007-86 156835.0000 AVAILABLE
2007-87 032664.0050 AVAILABLE
2007-88 058117.4098 AVAILABLE
2007-89 014489.0000 AVAILABLE
2007-90 206946.0000 AVAILABLE

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