Monday, June 15, 2009

Carleton Sheets names Don Sausa's real estate book #1 noteworthy read?

Though I have no association to Carleton Sheets and his infomercials regarding real estate topics or seminars, I do appreciate being selected as the #1 "Noteworthy Real Estate Books" on his web site.


Don Sausa

June Florida Tax Liens Sales

Counties across the state of Florida are fairly busy this month due to the amount of tax liens they are selling. One of the biggest counties selling tax lien certificates is the Miami Dade area. To access their link, you can find it here:

There are also other counties, some in California, that's selling online. You can find an auction calendar on Bid4Assets available here:

Government HUD sales and foreclosures

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other federal agencies have created one web site that lists all of their properties that are for sale. The web site can be found here:

The other site that's inter-linked is called:

Interestingly enough, they even have vehicles and international properties on here. A great find for anyone looking for bargain purchases! As always, please do your due diligence and continue to seek legal or professional counsel before attempting to purchase property.

Thanks! -Don Sausa