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Upcoming Auctions - Coconino County, AZ Offline Tax Lien Auction

Coconino, AZ is having an offline tax auction on Feb 15th, 2007. For more information, access their web site at: To find out how you can participate in these auctions and how to gain up to 16% or more in returns per year, buy Investing Without Losing (retail: $19.95) from Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.


Bonny K. Lynn - Treasurer
110 E. Cherry
FLagstaff AZ, 86001
877-500-1818 or (928) 779-6615
FAX: (928)779-6618

We have listed below the most frequently asked questions concerning investing in tax liens.

1. What are the date, time and location of your tax lien sale? Our tax sale is held the third Thursday of February each year. The tax lien sale starts at 8:30a.m. in the Board of Supervisors meeting room on the first floor, 219 E. Cherry, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

2. How often do you hold tax lien sales? Once a year, in February.

3. Does your county hold a deed/land sale in addition to a tax lien sale? If so, when and where does it take place? Yes, you need to contact the COCONINO County Board of Supervisors at (928)779-6693 or write 219 E. Cherry, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

4. When and where will the tax lien sale be advertised? The Tuesday paper two weeks prior to the week of the sale will have the public notice of the sale. It is advertised in the Arizona Daily Sun. You must contact the Arizona Daily Sun at P.O. Box 1849, Flagstaff, AZ 86002; call (928)774-4545 to get a copy of the notice; or visit their website at The list is also available on the County Treasurer website.

5. How and when do I register for the tax sale? Anyone who has a bid number is registered for the tax lien sale. If you are a new investor in our county you should obtain a bid number one week prior to the sale. Complete the Bidder Information Card form and then mail it or bring it to us at 110 E. Cherry Avenue, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 no later than the Tuesday prior to the sale. The original signed form is required by this office to provide you with the official bidder number.

6. What type of payment requirements are needed at the sale? Is there a deposit required before the sale? Cash, cashier check, money order, personal checks and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard Only) are accepted. We do not require a deposit. However, payment is due in full in our office by 3:00 p.m. the day of the closing of the tax sale. Money orders, cashier checks, or personal checks need to be for the exact amount of the purchase for the tax lien. If payment is made with cash, payment must be within $5 of purchase. We do not have large amounts of cash on hand for refunds.

7. What is the bidding process? The bidding process starts with the interest rate at 16% and is bid down in full percent increments if more than one individual is involved. If the parcel is bid down to zero and more than one individual is interested, a drawing will be held to determine which individual will be granted the parcel for the tax lien.

8. What type of document is issued at the sale? After you have finished bidding, a table will be set up outside the doors where the tax lien sale takes place. You will need to pick up a printout listing all the parcels you bid on and at what % interest rate. It will be your responsibility to verify the lists to ensure its accuracy. Upon receiving payment, you will also be given a receipt reflecting all pertinent information.

9. Are there any other expenses for the tax lien? There is a $10.00 processing fee. This fee is not included in the advertisement.

10. What is the foreclosure process and the associated fees? The foreclosure process, which begins three years after the date of the tax lien sale, involves obtaining an insurable deed known as a Judgement Deed. You may choose to hire an attorney or opt for the Judicial Foreclosure-Self Help packet from the Treasurer's website.

11. What happens to the liens that are not sold at the Tax Lien Sale? Can they be purchased over-the counter? Once the sale has been concluded, you can purchase the liens over the counter. The date the tax liens can be purchased over the counter will be announced at the sale, usually two weeks after the sale.

12. Is there a list of the delinquent taxes that can be purchased? There is a list in our office for you to view or you may purchase a hard copy or CD for $50.00. (All are updated weekly.) If either the hard copy or CD is to be mailed, please add $10.00 for postage/handling for the hard copy and $3.00 postage/handling for the CD.
The list must be prepaid prior to mailing it out. You may send in your request by mail with your check made payable to: Coconino County Treasurer; 110 E. Cherry Avenue; Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Visa or MasterCard is also accepted. We do not provide a partial list and because the list is large, we CANNOT FAX the list to you.

13. Will someone in your office do the research for me? I will be happy to submit the proper fee. All research is to be completed by the investors.

14. How does the tax sale auction work? Bids will start with the first column listed in the newspaper by item number and continue to the end of the list. Please keep track of any parcels you wish to acquire, along with a notation of the parcels for which you have received the assignment. Once the item number is called, the item will not be called at a later time.

15. Would you please forward to me a copy of the statutes regarding tax sales in your jurisdiction? To obtain the statutes, you may contact an attorney; inquire at a Law Library that has the Arizona Revised Statutes; or go to the website:

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