Saturday, January 03, 2009

How to Buy Houses At Auctions and Other Real Estate Videos on YouTube

eHow and other YouTube contributors have created some good videos about how to buy houses at auctions, and how to do correct home inspections. Don't miss out on this by ignoring YouTube. All too often we hear YouTube only when new viral videos are out or there's a funny baby doing an awkward dance. In reality, many real estate gurus are going on YouTube to provide some valuable insights and of course, sell products.

For instance, on a video playing below (one of), it talks about investing in bank owned property, which you either buy with pre-approved loans or cash. The one presenting was a broker and while she leaned towards having real estate agents help you along the way (go figure), she did have common sense tips that you definitely need to take note of.

In short -- YouTube can be your friend too in your road to real estate investing!

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