Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wall Street is showing weakness

Market volatility
When the real estate bubble popped, Wall Street finally started seeing subprime loans as a risk rather than an investment. The market has lost at one point over 800 points from our 14,000 point high in the Dow Jones.

My personal opinion
There are broad sell offs in Wall Street even though the housing market doesn't even affect it. Health care, industries, and other sectors are not affected by real estate and some have hit their 3 to 5 year lows because of the recent sell offs. This is the time to BUY these good companies and hold for the long term.

And of course to diversify your portfolio, consider tax liens. Opportunities actually strengthen in a real estate bust because more people are delayed in paying their property taxes, giving you an opportunity to invest and help cities, counties, and their infrastructures.

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