Thursday, June 21, 2007

Upcoming Tax Auctions - Illinois tax auctions

CHARLESTON (Illinois) — Eight properties are available in Coles County’s annual delinquent property tax auction, which has a bid deadline of Monday.

The minimum bid for each property is $644, and sealed bids must be submitted to the county treasurer’s office, 651 Jackson Ave., Charleston, according to information from the county’s tax agent. Catalogs listing and describing the property up for auction and complete bidding information are available at the treasurer’s office for $3.

The county conducts the auction each year on property where taxes haven’t been paid for a certain amount of time. The purpose is to try to get new owners for the property so they’ll pay the taxes in the future, though they don’t have to pay the taxes owed to this point.

Properties to be listed in the auction are:

-- A vacant lot at 620 Fifth St., Charleston.

-- A vacant lot on Quincy Avenue, Charleston.

-- A closed gas station at 1102 Madison Ave., Charleston.

-- A vacant lot at the corner of A and B streets, Charleston.

-- A vacant lot at 612 DeWitt Ave., Mattoon.

-- A vacant lot at 2509 DeWitt Ave., Mattoon.

-- Three parcels in North Okaw Township.

For more information, access this news article.

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