Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lee County, Iowa sells mobile home for $200 through tax lien sale





WHEREAS, Lee County has a property tax lien on a 1995 SLC Mobile Home, Vehicle Identification Number 1W9123621S1186463, Lee County Title Number 56-VO25049 that was titled under the name of Carol Pence; and

WHEREAS, Lee County has served notice of right of redemption as provided by law on Carol Pence, the manager at Shady Acre Trailer Park and City Group Sales and Financing Inc. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and

WHEREAS, Steven J. Cramer has submitted an offer to purchase Lee County's interest in the mobile home for the sum of $200; and

WHEREAS, Lee County has the authority following a public bidder auction to compromise its real estate tax lien and has a right to assign its interest to one or more other persons; and

WHEREAS, it appears that the 90-day notice of right of redemption is not yet expired by upon timely presentation of proof of service that notice will shortly expire; and

WHEREAS, Lee County is willing to accept the offer; according

BE IT RESOLVED, at such time as Steven J. Cramer pays $200 to the Treasurer of Lee County, the Treasurer is authorized to assign whatever right, title or interest Lee County, Iowa has as a result of its notices of right of redemption and tax lien on the mobile home above described. Thereafter the said Steven J. Cramer shall have the same right Lee County presently has to proceed and to obtain a Treasurer's Deed. No public hearing is being held on this transfer because the property involved is not real estate. Lee County is not required to hold a public hearing. The Board of Supervisors hereby accepts the statements and representations made that the mobile home has fairly minimal value.

Dated at Keokuk, Iowa, this the 24th day of October, 2006.

Lee County Board of Supervisors. /s/ George Morgan, Chairman, /s/ Larry W. Kruse, Vice-Chair, /s/ Robert J. Woodruff, Member, /s/ Rick Larkin, Member, /s/ Joseph W. Kowzan, Member. Attest: /s/ Anne Pedersen, Lee County Auditor. Motion carried

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