Monday, October 23, 2006

Welcome to Investing Without Losing (tm)

Investing Without Losing, an investment series published by The Vision Press, aims to provide new alternatives to investing.

Our current best-selling major release is called Investing Without Losing: The Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Tax Lien and Tax Deed Auctions by Don Sausa (ISBN 0978834607). It's the premier guide to investing in public tax auctions, a little-known government investment program that can offer high returns within a matter of months. As of October 2006, it's ranked #2,071 out of millions of books on

Why would I choose alternative investments to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds?

When you speak to a financial consultant about your portfolio, what's their number one advice? Diversify! The truth is, your risk of losses is minimized when your money is spread out across different stocks... What we say is nothing different, except that you should diversify your investment options! Don't limit yourself to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds if you can find the same or higher returns somewhere else.

Why should I buy your book versus others?

Great question! First, if you're looking for knowledge, you should look to get as much as you want. Don't limit yourself to our books. Second, we believe our books are better in that we constantly give updates online. Third, our books are easy-to-read and we hold to a simple truth -- busy people don't want to read over 200 pages.

Some will say that if you pick up a good book, you won't be able to let it go. While that maybe true for Harry Potter fans, when you're reading investment books, let's face it, we want the author to go straight to the point!

Can I purchase by phone?

Yes! Call 1-877-964-3932, extension 5 and state the title and author of the book.

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